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Avoiding and achieving pregnancy through FertilityCare

  • Services: Avoiding Pregnancy, Achieving Pregnancy
  • Client: Confidential

“S and I were in our early 30s when we started learning FertilityCare from Freda via Skype as part of our marriage preparation in 2009.  Initially we used the method to avoid pregnancy for 6 months, during which time the method helped strengthen our marital relationship since we would review and talk about our fertility […]

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“ My wife and I had been trying to conceive for a number of years. After over 6 months of going through the NHS, we were told that due to male infertility the only possible way to conceive was through IVF (ICSI).... About the same time we started meeting with Freda and using NaPro technology.... Three months later we conceived naturally. ”
— A client from London