Natural Fertility Matters

Natural family planning, infertility treatment & women’s health services

Why Natural?

We live in a world where there is much emphasis on being natural, green and organic. Our markets are full of products that meet these criteria: the organic food and the free-range products in our food stores, the many types of health food shops and the alternative medicine covering all kinds of natural remedies. We recycle and may even buy green cars! When it comes to family planning why wouldn’t it be an extension to the lifestyle we lead?

Natural methods of family planning are:

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Male Involvement

From my experience a couple would be more successful in the use of a natural method when the gentleman is interested, engaged and willing to support his lady (because he cares about her, her body and her fertility). But before you lady worries about your gentleman’s potential level of interests or engagement, let me reassure you first – I have yet to find a man who isn’t interested in the mystery of the human reproductive system!


Method (^ natural) Effectiveness % Failure Rate % Ref.
Billings Ovulation Method^ 99.5 0.5 1
Creighton Model FertilityCare System^ 96.8 3.2 2
Sympto-Thermal Method^ 99.57 0.43 3
Combined Oral Contraceptives 92 8.0 4
Progestin-Only / mini Pills for breastfeeding women 99.0 1.0 5
Progestin-Only / mini Pills for non-breastfeeding women 90.0 – 97.0 3.0 – 10.0 5
Condoms 85.0 15.0 6
ClearBlue / ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor 89.4 10.6 7
Withdrawal 79.0 21.0 8
No Method 15.0 85.0 8

“ We are very happy with the charting and find very little to fault in it. It is very thorough and it certainly has helped me to be much more in touch with my monthly cycles and how to monitor each month, even when my cycles are so irregular. ”
— A long-term client couple from London