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Helping a couple in their 30s to avoid pregnancy

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“My husband and I had received 3 children 6 years into our marriage and wanted to find a reliable, healthy, natural and Catholic method of avoiding future pregnancies. We discussed this with Freda who introduced us to the Creighton model. Well, it was brilliant!

After the first couple of classes the accuracy of this method seemed impressive and reliable. We had several classes with Freda over several months as we used the method, and we became 100% confident with our family planning. It was a learning curve at first but we quickly got into the swing of it – I loved that it was a method my husband and I used together, not something only one of us took responsibility for. We have been using to avoid pregnancy since we started the Creighton model method and four years on still only have three kids!”

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“ FertilityCare has helped me understand more of my body. I can explain my physical and emotional problems better and I have also become more at peace with my issues. ”
— Client with PCOS