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Using FertilityCare to monitor health

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“I found out I have PCOS at the age of 16 from ultrasound scans.  I have been suffering from all kinds of period problems, cramps, heavy bleeding, fatigue, anxiety and depression and so on since I was a teenager, and they all became even more unbearable towards my 30s.   The most annoying syndrome is the mid-cycle bleeding, which tires me out physically.  I also get depressed from time to time, and the depression can be particularly severe before my next period.   At one point I tried the pill as a treatment recommended by my doctor but the side effects were even more unbearable – within a week on the pill I had a terrible acne outbreak on my face, which is the only part of my body I am proud of, and as a result I gave the pill up after 1.5 months.   FertilityCare has helped me understand more of my body.  By observing my mucus and other changes in my body I know when I have ovulated.  In turn I take special supplements and make dietary adjustments to help control the post-ovulatory part of my cycle – for example I would increase my intake of high grain carbohydrate and calcium to help control my mood swings.  I have become more sensitive of the changes my body experiences throughout my menstrual cycle.  I can explain my physical and emotional problems better and I have also become more at peace with my issues.“

Unfortunately NaPro is not available where client P lives and she has struggled to find the “right” physician and treatment that work well for her.

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“ When Freda explained to me the method she was clear and systematic. From her explanations it seemed clear to me that our bodies are so perfectly designed that if we would really listen and know our bodies we are actually infertile for a lot of the time. ”
— Client couple from London