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Overcoming subfertility and achieving pregnancy with the help of NaPro

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“We live a distance away from Freda and were able to carry out consultations extremely effectively, as remote clients, by Skype or telephone.  We were in our late-20s and could not get pregnant at all; after 5 years of home fertility tests, NHS tests and clomid injections to stimulate egg production on the NHS. We had one miscarriage, very early on in trying for a baby.  We did not want to follow our local NHS recommendation of IUI, then IVF, due to ethical reasons.  Initial NaPro assessments of our difficulties to conceive were very thorough; a very individual approach. An investigative laparoscopy was carried out and a cyst removed but conception still did not occur. Through NaPro we were diagnosed with a short post-ovulatory phase.  Progesterone support in the form of a pessary was initially prescribed and as a result we started seeing conceptions but they were also lost through miscarriages.  We were subsequently put on progesterone injections as well and we successfully conceived and maintained a baby to term, with continued blood tests and progesterone pessaries.  We subsequently conceived a second child, with no medical support, and are extremely happy parents of two beautiful little boys. We are forever grateful for the help, support and medical knowledge of Freda and NaProTechnology.”

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“ When Freda explained to me the method she was clear and systematic. From her explanations it seemed clear to me that our bodies are so perfectly designed that if we would really listen and know our bodies we are actually infertile for a lot of the time. ”
— Client couple from London