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Preventing Miscarriages

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My husband and I wanted to write to let you know about the birth of our Napro daughter in May this year.  We absolutely believe that she is with us thanks to the help and support of our amazing NFP practitioner and friend, Freda, and the advice and care of Dr Magee and Ira Winter at Life FertilityCare.  Without progesterone support in early pregnancy, it is unlikely that our daughter would be with us today – an issue which Freda identified in our chart, and Dr Magee then confirmed through blood tests. We’re so grateful for everything the Life FertilityCare team has done for us and for our daughter – thank you!

This couple started charting FertilityCare as part of their marriage preparation.  The lady had a sub-optimal post-ovulatory phase and she began receiving medical support to normalise her cycle by Life FertilityCare prior to their wedding.

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“ We are forever grateful for the help, support and medical knowledge of Freda and NaProTechnology. ”
— Client couple from Ipswich