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PCOS patient achieving pregnancies after 2 failed IVFs

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We had heard about Freda and Napro through a friend who conceived within three months after charting with the help of Freda, however then my husband and I were certain that IVF was a better approach towards conception and since we had waited 3 years for IVF, Napro could wait. It wasn’t until our second IVF failure and realising that the doctors were of no help and were unable to determine why we failed twice and unable to determine the root cause, we decided to approach Freda and give Napro a try.

Freda was very friendly and gave us enough time over the phone and in person for us to understand what Napro was and how it could actually help us solve the fertility problem rather than a bandaid approach to temporarily fix the fertility problem.  She also helped us get in touch with a Napro doctor who would look at the more medical side of fertility while she helped me understand my body and fertility better.

Within one month of charting we conceived, although I miscarried but that was due to my body reacting to the heavy hormones injected into my body during IVF just a few months before. None the less Freda was always there for moral support.  And within less than 10 months of charting we conceived and am now 14 weeks with a healthy pregnancy.

I want to highlight that it was Freda’s help, effort and moral support that took us this far. I would 100% recommend her.

May God bless her in this journey and make things easy for her and her team.

How long did couple try prior to coming onto the Programme? 1 year
Did couple use other natural methods prior to coming onto the Programme? No
Total number of cycles charted since coming onto the Programme:
Effective use of cycles for achieving pregnancy:
Conception achieved in which effective cycle? 1st but miscarried
Stage with Napro: the lady was on NaPro treatment to address her PCOS with irregular and long cycles and repeated miscarriage.

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“ We would like to thank you for the time you spent teaching us how to chart accurately and for encouraging us to persevere; as a result we are now on our way to becoming parents. ”
— Anonymous from Kent