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Gaining answers through the use of NaPro

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After one year of trying to conceive, our GP referred us to Bart’s hospital for investigation, we were encouraged by this. However on my first visit to see a consultant there it was suggested that IVF would be the only solution because of my age 42. We did not want to go down this route, as it was completely incompatible with our religious beliefs and secondly I did not want something that was so invasive. I was really hoping the referral would have helped us understand where the issues were, rather than just put us in the IVF queue.

We decided to look into NaPro, as it’s more natural approach and more appealing and we felt it might provide answers as to why we couldn’t conceive. We were very happy with the programme and we learnt a lot about the fertility cycle and began to understand the underlying causes of our infertility. Freda was excellent support, she was patient and professional in her instruction. Our NaPro doctor and Freda were hopeful we would conceive, but we decided ourselves that we did not want to wait too long due to my age and the other risks of an older pregnancy, so we decided to build our family through adoption.

We now have a beautiful 2 year old little girl who has been with us over 18 months. We would have no hesitation in recommending NaPro to other couples.

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“ There’s a lot of information on the internet on how to chart temperature and mucus by yourself, however for me, the face to face sessions and an opportunity for Q&A gave me a confidence that the charting is done correctly and no time is wasted. ”
— Anna from southwest London