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Conception with charting alone for someone with long and irregular cycles

  • Services: FertilityCare
  • Client: Anna from southwest London, December 2014

We decided to try NaProtechnology after 10 months of unsuccessful trying for a baby. I’d always had irregular and long cycles and I suspected that getting pregnant would be a problem in the future. Before I met Freda, I spoke to my GP about it who said that the NHS guidance for my age group (34 years old) is to wait another 3-4 years before they start to investigate the infertility issues. Or to try the IVF, which wasn’t an option for us.

When I started charting, we learned that most of my cycle was infertile with a very short fertile window. We monitored my cycles for about 5 months and just when I was about to contact NaPro clinic about further treatment we discovered that I was pregnant – our baby girl is due in 3 weeks time!

There’s a lot of information on the internet on how to chart temperature and mucus by yourself, however for me, the face to face sessions and an opportunity for Q&A gave me a confidence that the charting is done correctly and no time is wasted. It’s also great to know that if charting isn’t enough, there’s a further support from a team of professionals with the similar ethical outlook and a focus on finding the core of the problem.

How long did couple try prior to coming onto the Programme? 10 months
Did couple use other natural methods prior to coming onto the Programme? No
Total number of cycles charted since coming onto the Programme: 3; covered 5 calendar months
Effective use of cycles for achieving pregnancy: 0
Conception achieved in which effective cycle? N/A; conception was achieved in a cycle that was not effectively used.
Stage with Napro: Not yet started

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“ We are forever grateful for the help, support and medical knowledge of Freda and NaProTechnology. ”
— Client couple from Ipswich