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Severe male subfertility – conception achieved with FertilityCare alone after a long time trying

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  • Client: Confidential

We had our first daughter 4 years ago, without any difficulties. Over the past 2.5 years we have tried to conceive a second child. After a very frustrating process with NHS, severe male infertility was diagnosed and we were told that IVF would be the only solution to move forward. As catholics, we refused the disposing of embryos and decided to explore alternative routes.

We were fortunate enough to contact the Life Fertilitycare clinic. We met Dr Anne Carus who was both empathetic and extremely rigorous in her scientific approach to identify the roots of our issues. For the first time, we had the impression to meet a true professional with a long-standing experience. As French nationals, it was also a great help to navigate the UK healhcare system.

The next steps were clear:
– We both started to take food complements
– Mr. consulted – on Dr Carus’ recommendations – a urologist. A varicocele was found. Since it could explain low fertility, a surgery will take place within the next few months
– Mrs. started charting her cycle with Freda, who was incredibly supportive, positive, and a great pedagog when teaching the Creighton model

At our great surprise and while we had just initiated some of the treatments, Mrs. became pregnant! The clinic and Freda were at this point very helpful, advising some progesterone support.

We are extremely grateful to Life FertilityCare and Freda. We know how difficult it is to remain confident when affected by infertility and that other people stories may not help. However, we have been told on numerous occasions we will not have another child without IVF and facts have disproved these opinions.

How long did couple try prior to coming onto the Programme? 2.5 years
Did couple use other natural methods prior to coming onto the Programme? Yes
Total number of cycles charted since coming onto the Programme: 3
Effective use of cycles for achieving pregnancy: 2
Conception achieved in which effective cycle? 2nd
Stage with Napro: Started with initial blood tests

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“ My wife and I had been trying to conceive for a number of years. After over 6 months of going through the NHS, we were told that due to male infertility the only possible way to conceive was through IVF (ICSI).... About the same time we started meeting with Freda and using NaPro technology.... Three months later we conceived naturally. ”
— A client from London