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Another successful pregnancy via FertilityCare

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“J and I had been trying for a baby since we got married.  I was 39 already and we felt we had no time to waste.  After nine months we decided it was time to call in the experts of infertility.  I had come across FertilityCare and NaPro in the past and we decided that this was the path we would like to follow.  The fact that the method followed nature’s course and that the responsibility was for both in the couple not just the woman as in so many other methods and of course that it was within the realms of our Catholic Faith persuaded us in this direction.  We were recommended to Freda as practitioner and she educated us brilliantly in order to use FertilityCare effectively.  She recommended us to a NaPro physician when necessary for tests but low and behold before the series of test were completed we found I had fallen pregnant.  What joy!  We had a lovely little boy and then used the same method again after a quick refresher from Freda and I fell pregnant again with another baby boy.  Thank you to Freda for her professionalism, enthusiasm and support.“

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“ My wife and I had been trying to conceive for a number of years. After over 6 months of going through the NHS, we were told that due to male infertility the only possible way to conceive was through IVF (ICSI).... About the same time we started meeting with Freda and using NaPro technology.... Three months later we conceived naturally. ”
— A client from London