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Male subfertility – pregnancy achieved with FertilityCare alone

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My wife and I had been trying to conceive for a number of years.  After over 6 months of going through the NHS, we were told that due to male infertility the only possible way to conceive was through IVF (ICSI).  When we told the doctor that as Catholics we would not participate in this, […]

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Severe male subfertility – conception achieved with FertilityCare alone after a long time trying

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We had our first daughter 4 years ago, without any difficulties. Over the past 2.5 years we have tried to conceive a second child. After a very frustrating process with NHS, severe male infertility was diagnosed and we were told that IVF would be the only solution to move forward. As catholics, we refused the […]

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“ Within one month of charting we conceived, although I miscarried but that was due to my body reacting to the heavy hormones injected into my body during IVF just a few months before. None the less Freda was always there for moral support. And within less than 10 months of charting we conceived and am now 14 weeks with a healthy pregnancy. ”
— PCOS client from London