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Introductory session with a young couple from Sri Lanka

  • Services: Introductory Session, Achieving Pregnancy
  • Client: The Care Centre, LIFE Hounslow

“Freda was amazing.  She listened carefully to the clients’ story and then, without being either technical or patronising, she gently explained the woman’s cycle and the signs she should look out for that showed when she was at her most fertile.  After a long period of facing the spectre of infertility, this couple are now expecting their first baby!”

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“ Within one month of charting we conceived, although I miscarried but that was due to my body reacting to the heavy hormones injected into my body during IVF just a few months before. None the less Freda was always there for moral support. And within less than 10 months of charting we conceived and am now 14 weeks with a healthy pregnancy. ”
— PCOS client from London