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Freda McMahon

My name is Freda and I am a Certified* FertilityCare practitioner. I am Chinese, originally from Hong Kong but have lived in England for over 20 years. I am married to an Englishman from Liverpool and together we live in London with our two young boys. When I am not helping clients with FertilityCare I work as a business analyst in the City of London. My degrees are in computer science, economics and finance so I am quite familiar with the kind of stresses that career men and women face in a commercial world today.

* advanced level of practice

“I came away impressed especially with the model’s success rate for getting pregnant in a short and defined amount of time…”

freda_lsMy journey with the FertilityCare started when I attended an Introductory Session some years ago. I came away impressed especially with the model’s success rate for getting pregnant in a short and defined amount of time assuming normal fertility. In time I managed to persuade my then boyfriend, now my husband, to also attend an Introductory Session. He likes it so much that he has asked me to say this here – “it is a fascinating insight into how we conceive – everyone should know this!” In fact I have yet to meet a man who isn’t fascinated with the material presented in the Introductory Session.

We started learning FertilityCare as a couple about six months before our marriage with the intention to use this to achieve pregnancy soon afterwards. We also liked the fact that there was a medical programme that we could turn to should we find ourselves struggling to get pregnant. Luckily we achieved pregnancy very soon after we started trying.

We also liked the fact that there was a medical programme that we could turn to should we find ourselves struggling to get pregnant.

Professional Work

We both liked the model so much that when there was an educational programme to train to become a FertilityCare practitioner I signed up for it despite my lack of medical background. The training programme was intensive and after multiple exams and supervised client work that spanned over a year I became qualified. I have been helping clients since 2008 and we have used the system to both achieve and avoid pregnancy ourselves.

I have been helping clients since 2008 and we have used the system to both achieve and avoid pregnancy ourselves.

In my FertilityCare work I have come to meet many couples who have struggled with infertility and I work closely with our medical consultants to support them in their quest for children. I have also helped many couples who simply prefer a natural method in their family planning. Each couple is unique with their own story and I feel privileged to have met and helped them on their journeys.

Margaret Neale

Margaret Neale

Margaret is Freda’s supervisor on FertilityCare and they have known each other since 2008. She has been married for 40 years. She has 2 adult children and 2 grand children.

She became a FertilityCare Practitioner in 2000 after having previously used the Billings Ovulations method to plan her own family. She became a FertilityCare Educator in 2006. This means that she can train people, like Freda, up to become practitioners. Her educator work has taken her to countries including Australia, France, Ireland, Nigeria, Poland and the US.

Margaret lives with her husband in Sheffield and she sees clients both locally and remotely via Skype. She is available to teach during the day, in the evenings as well as on Saturdays.

Amanda Adebisi

Amanda Adebisi

Amanda, a Fertility Care Practitioner Intern in Northwest London, unfortunately knows what it feels like to face disappointment each month for 4 years trying to have a baby. Like so many others she and her husband were in a seemingly hopeless lonely category of ‘unexplained infertility’. She feels so privileged to have discovered another path that gives hope and feels right ethically. The Creighton Model enabled them to conceive for the first time naturally within a year and their Napro Consultant provided progesterone support throughout her twin pregnancy. She is passionate and sensitive in her teaching approach to help others, especially those who struggle with infertility.

Maria O’Brien

Maria O'Brien

Maria is a Fertility Care Practitioner Intern. Married for twelve years, Maria has three children and has practised natural family planning throughout her marriage and has experience of the Billings and Sympto-Thermal methods, prior to practising and training in the Creighton Method. Maria believes that as well as the power of the Creighton Model as a tool for achieving pregnancy and regulating fertility, it brings many benefits to women in explaining the uniqueness of their bodies. It enhances the quality of marital relationships by enabling communication and sensitivity, and wonder at the great gift of fertility and how we can work naturally to protect and, where there are difficulties, nurture it to achieve a solution. Maria is currently based in the Channel Islands and is available for lessons via Skype.

Alison Thompson

Alison Thompson

Alison is currently training as a FertilityCare Practitioner and is passionate about helping couples to plan their families and to support those who are finding it difficult to achieve pregnancy. One of the things which really inspires her about this work is the hope that it gives to couples, and the way in which both the system for tracking fertility and the medical help available work in harmony with the body, helping women to understand the language of their body and when needed, restoring their natural fertility.

She first encountered the Creighton model when she had 3 children and is now the proud mother of 5. She lives in Yorkshire and has been married for 14 years. She is available to teach via Skype during the day as well as in the evening.

Marene Conner

Marene Conner
Marene is a FertilityCare Practitioner Intern (training to be a practitioner). She has been married for 15 years, has 3 children and lives in West Yorkshire. Marene and her husband used the Billings Method during the first years of their marriage but when they were told, after investigations through the NHS, that they would not be able to conceive naturally, they were put in touch with a FertilityCare Practitioner in London. After being referred to a NaPro dr and receiving treatment, they were able to conceive their first child. Their consequent 2 children were conceived naturally but the pregnancies were supported through NaPro. Marene and her husband were profoundly touched by their whole experience of NaPro and how it works cooperatively with a woman’s body to help restore fertility naturally.

“It was an amazing journey of faith, hope and trust for us and we feel very blessed to be given three beautiful children. Now, I want to give this hope to couples who are having difficulties conceiving and teach the beauty of how a man’s and a woman’s fertility work together”.

Marene is available to teach via Skype during the day and in the evenings.

Dr Biao Yang

Dr Yang is our recommended acupuncture doctor and a fellow of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK, the largest regulatory body in the UK for the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He is also Freda’s personal acupuncturist and friend since early 2000, supported her in her many ailments, pre-conception as well as her two pregnancies.  He has also helped many of Freda’s subfertility clients, where acupuncture works alongside Napro in restoring the natural fertility of the couples.

Dr Yang has clinic sessions in central London on Tuesday evening.  For more details please visit Dr Yang’s website here.

The Creighton Model

The Creighton Model is a university-developed scientific framework for tracking a couple’s fertility, enabling a couple to achieve or avoid pregnancy as well as diagnosing and treating infertility in a natural and cooperative fashion. FertilityCare and NaProTECHNOLOGY are the two service programmes that have been developed based on the Creighton Model.

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Using the FertilityCare system a woman can know her menstrual cycles and use this information for monitoring her reproductive health; and couples can use this knowledge to avoid and achieve pregnancy naturally. FertilityCare can be used throughout the reproductive life and is effective for all types of cycles: regular, short, long, irregular, breastfeeding, coming off the pill and nearing menopause.

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NaProTECHNOLOGY (also known as Napro) is a service programme that offers medical and surgical treatments for infertilty and other gynaecological disorders. The treatments adopt a cooperative approach to the couple’s combined fertility and is sensitive to the couple’s relationship.

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“ I would highly recommend Freda to anyone and the Creighton model to all women regardless of whether they are trying or trying not to conceive. ”
— South London Client